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Insulating heating systems and processing insulators
 Made in Italy insulating technologies for the industry

Die-cut products made to order


Isolform is an Italian company that since 1980 has specialised in the production of made to order thermal insulating materials for the industrial sector. Insulation of large professional kitchens, ovens, hobs and electric appliances, boilers and thermal equipment in general.

Isolform is a division of Tecnaria Spa, which has been working in the building material sector since 1949 (


  • The most used products are: glass and rock wool, ceramic fibre, needled fibre padding. For the coverings: various types of aluminium laminates, glass fabric, glass veils.

  • Processes: coupling of various different materials, aluminising, surface treatments and adhesive treatments, cutting to measure and packing using different machines.

  • Wide range of thicknesses, sizes and densities.

  • Thanks to our know-how, we are always able to find the best technical solution for your needs. Sampling and small quantity productions also available.

  • Quality control, technical and safety approvals.



Strengthening floors

Processing insulators - Cutting to specifications - Cutting to order - Industrial insulation - Die-cut products made to order
Oven insulation, Kitchen insulation, Boiler insulation, cooking systems and Heat insulation
Glass wool to order  -  Industrial lagging to customer specifications - Oven insulation - Bonding of insulating felt - Transformation of insulators - Rock wool -
Ceramic fibres


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